Demo 2015

by Chencho

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released March 23, 2015



all rights reserved


Chencho Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: FTP
eight shots fires
and one man dead
whyd they kill him
cuz he posed a threat
brown or black
thats all they had
worse case scenario
paid vacation

fuck the cops
choke a pig
racist fucks

w/o a 2nd thought youre in a body bag
w/ no remorse theyll leaveya on the street
leaveya lying there for your neighbors to see
an examples been made a repeat of history
repeat of history
repeat of fucking history
Track Name: Border Crossed Us
her familys crossing the desert
remeniscent of generations before
but this time there is a new danger
invisble lines in the sand
put there by thieves and terrorists
who have no respect for the land

You tell me
that freedom's not free
and my grandmas
here illegaly
Well im telling you
go back to EUrope
we here first
the borders crossed us

Now Im telling you
that we were doing fine
respecting the earth
before these lines
fuck the laws imposed on us
we were here first
the borders crossed us
borders crossed us
borders crossed us
Track Name: Home
fuck everything that keeps apart
from the loud ass bars to the internet
We're all we need we have it all
and I'll be here if you happen to fall

my friends all want to leave
this city thats wrung them dry
I want them to stay close to me
because our love is all we need
This lie that we need money
this hoax that'll itll makes happy
this fib that we need drugs
to keep us interesting
it's time to for some self-love
it's time to start healing

fuck everything that keeps us apart
from the racism to the misogyny
be who you are and I'll be me
fuck the norms of society
Track Name: Love Derailed
I held you close on the train
we lived together in LA
never taking shit from anyone
except each other we were so young
we met in our teenage years
5 years later so many tears
so many tears
so many tears

its always
to hurt the ones you love
our demons
manifested in a punch
literally figuratively
Im sorry for the blood
I still love you
from a distance
but wouldnt turn down a hug

Met so many on our road
so many memories we still hold
the good the bad and the ugly too
I only wish I saw some more of you
Some times it takes too long
to learn how to love someone
to love someone to love someone
to love someone to love someone
Track Name: (DBZ) The Z Fighters Say Fuck You to Gentrification
well goku and gohan were fishing in the woods
when raditz came to invade their hood
He didnt expect the power of the Z's
he though that he could do as he pleased
so goku and piccolo capped his ass
but unfortunatley for them
he wouldnt be the last

gentrification pushing out our familes
It is the new manifest destiny
and although they're trying to bury us
they didnt know that we are seeds

Knowing the sayans were on their way
the z's trained every single day
they said you're not taking our home
it;s here we'll stay where our kids have grown
and with his power gohan transfromed
smashing vegeta ro the ground
their aint no power of the power of the people cuz the power of the people dont stop say what!