We are seeds

by Chencho

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This is our first full length album that with the help of our comrades was completely DIY. It really tested and pushed us a group of people who wanted to share our on stories as well as our communities stories. We hope you enjoy it and also hope that it may spark some dialogue amongst you and your comrades.


released April 20, 2016



all rights reserved


Chencho Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: FTP
eight shots fires
one man dead
why'd they kill him
cuz he posed a threat
brown or black
thats all they had
worse case scenario
paid vacation

fuck the cops
choke a pig
racist fucks

w/o a 2nd thought youre in a body bag
w/ no remorse theyll leaveya on the street
haveya lying there for your neighbors to see
an examples been made a repeat of history
repeat of history
repeat of fucking history
Track Name: Borders Crossed Us
her familys crossing the desert
remeniscent of generations before
but this time there is a new danger
invisble lines in the sand
put there by thieves and terrorists
who have no respect for the land

You tell me
that freedom's not free
and my grandmas
here illegaly
Well im telling you
go back to EUrope
we here first
the borders crossed us

Now Im telling you
that we were doing fine
respecting the earth
before these lines
fuck the laws imposed on us
we were here first
the borders crossed us
borders crossed us
borders crossed us
Track Name: Not For U.S.
Right now i'm feeling like god must have fallen asleep
as i see all this fucking inequality
america the great translucent white man's lie
america I want you to die
die die die die die
bye bye bye bye bye

Built on the backs of slaves
built on our ancestors graves
our stories erased from history
displacement shattered families
die die die die die
bye bye bye bye bye

your values your laws your constitution
have never applied to me
the poor the displaced the POC
American wasnt meant for me
20 odd years to reclaim my life
america wasnt made for me

they tried to steal our identity
and fracture our communities
no longer will we live in fear
writing our own histories
its time to fight fight fight fight
for our lives lives lives lives
Track Name: Grandpa
I'd like to thank my grandpa
for putting his trust in me
even when he knew I was lyin
all he ever wanted was for me to be the best I could be
the best I could be x2
and what have I done to myself
were his last words x2

now son you dont ever wanna be like me
Ive been a liar a cheater a pusher and a thief x2
breathing choking

now grandpa you know i dont care about that
just stop buyin them cigarette packs x2
breathing choking

well you know ive been in my share of gun fights
this tiny lil stick aint gunn end my life x2
breathing choking

well old man youve never steered me wrong
you just better be here when my kids come around x2

too many lives lost too soon
capitalistic induced substance abuse
I dont want anymore suffering
all I want is for you to be
the best you can be x3

and what have i done to myself
were his last words x2
Track Name: Home
fuck everything that keeps apart
from the loud ass bars to the internet
We're all we need we have it all
and I'll be there if you happen to fall

my friends all want to leave
this city thats wrung them dry
I want them to stay close to me
because our love is all we need
This lie that we need money
this hoax that'll itll makes happy
this fib that we need drugs
to keep us interesting
it's time to for some self-love
it's time for some self-healing

fuck everything that keeps us apart
from the racism to the misogyny
be who you are and I'll be me
fuck the norms of society
Track Name: Love Derailed
I held you close on the train
we moved together to LA
never took shit from anyone
except each other we were so young
we met in our teenage years
5 years later so many tears
so many tears
so many tears

its always
to hurt the ones you love
our demons
manifested in a punch
literally figuratively
Im sorry for the blood
I still love you
from a distance
but wouldnt turn down a hug

Met so many on our road
so many memories we still hold
the good the bad and the ugly too
I only wish I saw more of you
Some times it takes too long
to learn how to love someone
to love someone I love someone
to love someone I love someone
Track Name: Flames and the Flood
in the shadows
of our fractured hearts
there lies
an ember
from which the fire starts
stoking the anger the grief and the sorrow
uniting the hearts of those long since forgotten
embrace your last days death comes tomorrow

the flames will lay waste to this
false existence
the pain the ball and chain this cage
reduced to dust
like the phoenix we shall rise from your
slow demise

tlaloc rise release
the flood

the water flows over the rivers edge
reclaiming the cities panic starts to spread
and those at ground level will be washed away
and those whove been buried will see the day

you fall
we rise
you fall we rise
Track Name: Bye Bye Binary
This song right here x3
a call to defend the queer
this song right here x3
a song to defend the femme

little boys yeah little boys yeah little boys
taught to that the girls
and little boys yeah little boys yeah little boys
taught to hate the queers
and little boys yeah little boys yeah little boys
taught to hate themselves
and little boys yeah little boys yeah little boys
taught to hold the tears

this hate filled little boys have become
self hating men
who in turn look to destroy
what was taken from them x2

violence is as violence does
and there aint no excuse for what we've done
we've called them boys and made them men
\w/o listening to a word theyve said
this little kids deserve a chance to decide on
what makes them whole
theyre more than boys theyre more than girls
we need to destroy these gender roles

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck the gender binary x2
fuck the gender binary
its killing you and me
Track Name: School
when I was in school they tried to drug me
because I wouldnt stay in my seat
running around and screaming out loud
the walls they had couldnt hold me

they called me names trying to break me
they said I would end up on the street
but when I did the joke was on them
I finally found worth in myself

we are the kids that wont shut up
and we are the kids looking out the window
we know theres more than what you can teach
we can see it outside its within our reach x2

schools are prisons made for kids
their books are cages for your brain
theres nothin that scares them more
than a child who wants to explore

my failing grades for your failed attempt
to turn me into a fucking robot
im gunna learn something useful
like building a fire
to burn your as to the ground
Track Name: Chencho vs I.C.E.
we've been hunted and chased down
chained a shackled southern bound
parents stolen from their kids
hide no more we'll have your heads x2

this song goes out to I.C.E.
you punk asses better watch your backs
cuz Chenchos coming for you

you thought that itd be just another simple raid
youd lure them out and throw them in a cage
but when you got out you were bashed in the skull
and when you awoke you thought you were in hell

stripped from your life your family and your home
we put you in a cell where youre all alone
we hope you think about
all the innocent youve herded
as you start to feel
what its like to be hunted

chenchos coming for you
Track Name: Z-Fighters Say Fuck You to Gentrification
well goku and gohan were fishing in the woods
when raditz came to invade their hood
He didnt expect the power of the Z's
he thought that he could do as he pleased
so goku and piccolo capped his ass
but unfortunatley for them
he wouldnt be the last

gentrification is pushing out our families
It is the new manifest destiny
and although they're trying to bury us
they did not know that we are seeds

Knowing the saiyans were on their way
the z's trained every single day
they said you're not taking our home
it;s here we'll stay where our kids have grown
so with his power gohan transformed
smashing vegeta into the ground
Bcuuuuz there
aint no power like the power of the people cuz the power of the people dont stop say what!